Lessons of Home Remodeling

You hear over and over again that “Building or remodeling a home can be about the most stressful activity a married couple can engage in”. Well let me tell you first hand; it’s all 100% true. So before you begin your next big project with your loved one, I would love to share a few words of advice with you.

Hubby and I bought our first home in April 2015 and since we had some money saved up we decided to customize some things to make us feel comfortable in our new house. When I say “some things” we didn’t think it was going to be the whole house, but once we started, it really ended up being 90% of the house.

Here are some of the larger tasks we took on.

  1. scrape popcorn off every ceiling (except for kitchens & bathrooms)
  2. repaint every wall except for one bathroom
  3. rip out all floors and baseboards except two bathrooms
  4. gut the entire kitchen (fiberboard cabinets. BLEH!)
  5. trench around the house (moisture issues)
  6. buy all appliances (except washer & dryer)
  7. buy all furniture (we live with parents so we don’t have anything except our bed and plastic containers)
  8. chop down a money tree in the backyard

Some things to note: We are not married. We have never lived without a relative in the house with us. We live in, if not the wettest town then second wettest town on this island. We did this mostly on our own(and hubbys father).

We thought we were going to crank this shit out no problem. Be furnished and put together and have our house warming party by end of summer. NOPE.

Now I can only speak for myself in the points I am making, because I believe I have really learned from this experience. You will have to talk to hubby directly to see what he thinks.

Not always having to be right/or to know what the f@&k you’re doing

This is something very important. Both of us thought we knew more than the other. Because we Googled some shit, we thought we could easily rewire our electric outlets. This also trained myself to question almost everything hubby did. It was like I didn’t have faith in anything he could do; which was wrong of me.

This home was our new baby and it’s scary working on each piece and being worried that is going to go wrong. It took a long time for me to have confidence that even if it takes longer than I would like, it will be better in the long run if it’s done slow and meticulously and it be done right. So I thank hubby and his father for working slow, but accurately. And I appreciate the help, because I don’t know if I could have charmed a contractor to do it for free.

Do not buy everything brand new!

This was a hard one, and I think we messed up by purchasing a lot of things new. Also keep in mind that again, we are on an island and we do not have many options for second hand.

My parents gifted us $2,000 to help us get the things we wanted. And we did for the big things. Brand new fridge, stove, cabinets, couch, dining table, tv and other furniture. Could we have found a cheaper couch? yes. Could we have bought a second hand dining table? Yes. Could we have bought a less expensive stove? Most definitely yes, but look how cute she is!!!

Don’t forget to take a break

It’s easy to spend week nights changing lamps, mowing lawns or cutting baseboards in the garage and weekends spent traveling to and from Home Depot and Lowes to see who had the cheaper items. Before you know it you are having fights about how one person hangs out with their friends more than the other and how you haven’t spent time outside of the house and big box stores in over 3 months. Can you guess that was a real story? lol.

Hubby work 4 10-hour days, Sun – Wed. and I have weekends off. So Saturdays are our shopping days and then Sundays are my fun day with friends.
Hubby did not find that fair!

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