Destination: Pololu, Big Island


One of the easier hikes on Hawai’i Island. As you can see in my pictures below, there is this quiet beauty about this place. It’s secluded from large towns and at least a half or whole day trip depending what part of the island you are coming from. The hike down is rocky, somewhat narrow, but only takes about 30 minutes if you keep moving.

It is hard to do that as you can see, the picture opportunities are just too good!


pololu4 My younger brother decided to skip, jump and run down, but I would use caution, as I used this photo to show you what the actual trail down looks like.

Blondie takes big island (1) Check out that black sand! It’s so fine in texture that it’s soft on your toes.
Which also makes it a pain in the BUTT to brush off… But who cares!
As you can see, a morning mediation was in session when we arrived at the bottom. This kind of explains the serenity down there. Majestic like, with ocean spray floating through the air.

It is not advised to swim here as the currents are very strong. You can hike toward the back of the valley, for more majestic looking sites. A very lovely day trip to get away from crowds and to escape. After you hike out, there are some cute places to eat in Kohala town.

I hope you are able to experience little hidden piece of Hawai’i one day.



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